Gracieuse Seven Jean-Pierre

I derive from a place of broken and unfinished stories and stolen land. I have drank the unwelcome cup of my father's decisions, and have always questions the authenticity of my hope. I have held words of anger in my bosom , towards the still corps of my brother. Beaten for resembling the deviant behavior of my father, I secretly carried my seeds of hope close to my soul. I see myself as a woman with a presence and air. I vision myself to be the woman who survived give my children their true inheritance: Land, and MY story. I hope to be a kind hearted lover of the meek, and a fierce protector against seemingly roaring lions. I hope to sing and laugh loud, and clap hard and cry fully, and give unreservedly. I see myself carrying ,y mother's unanswered prayers with me, and birthing promises. To be a woman and be given a seed, and manifest a child, I wan to birth and nurture children of my own flesh. I want to badly love and respect myself and this lovely community. My vision for this community is to merge languages, and ease worries. I want to replenish the audacity of hope in myself, so that I may walk and not be weary, run and not faint.I want to use the adversities, and broken heartedness of yesterday's years, and build my thoughts on a solid rock. Regardless if my flesh fades, I pray my beauty doesn't. I take all of my old sadness and struggle, and plant the seeds of them, with the hope that they may one day flourish into trees that bear fruits of love and curiosity.