Mahalo to the generous contribution of the  Kokua Kalihi Valley and KVIBE are excited to announce Hawai'i's newest educational bicycle ride, our first annual Kalihi Ahupua'a Ride! This Ride will lead riders through the culturally rich Ahupuaʻa of Kalihi, making important “Story Stops” at historical landmarks where riders will learn and experience Kalihi. Along the Ride, you will see three of the newest art installments in Kalihi, community-created murals in collaboration with 808 Urban that depicts the story of Kalihi as told by its residents.

 During the Kalihi Ahupuaʻa Ride, participants will learn about the cultural and historical significance of the storied places of Kalihi and their roles in the changing face of Kalihi. This ride is designed to uplift community spirit by offering the general public information on health resources, nutritious food access points, cultural and historical knowledge about Kalihi, and instilling a sense of pride for those who call Kalihi home.

 We have limited space, so be sure to register early!

If you would like to register for our 2019 Kalihi Bike Ride, please see link below:

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